MEP & Civil Contracting

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  1. MEP and Civil Contracting

Mac Line Group is always committed to complete projects with the highest level of quality and within the agreed time constraints, our experienced and motivated team is an invaluable addition to the organization’s success in the field of civil construction.

We are dedicated to designing and managing projects that range from high-tech buildings to large residential and commercial development projects.

            1.1 Civil

The Complete concept, design and site operations from taking over sites, traditional        and piled, foundation works, general construction through to final completion and           hand-over for occupation and use for all types of buildings and structures including             multistory residential and commercial buildings in traditional and specialized modern      construction designs and finishes, roads, bridges, luxury villas, interior decoration,       landscaping, drainage and sewer schemes, hotels, hospitals and schools and         industrial complexes, are some of, but not limited to the areas of civil engineering     activity.

The experience range that has been gained and integrated into our design capabilities include:

  • Residential: Apartment buildings & complexes, private residences, and housing compounds.
  • Commercial: Office buildings and complexes, commercial centers, shopping malls, hypermarkets, etc.
  • Governmental: Embassies, ministries, government agencies, municipalities, consulates, etc.
  • Corporate: Headquarter buildings & complexes, and banks.
  • Hospitality: Hotels, hotel resorts and developments, parks, sports clubs, recreational centers, and furnished apartments.
  • Health Care: Hospitals and medical research centers etc.
  • Institutional: Universities, colleges, schools, hostels and cultural centers.
  • Industrial: Plants, showrooms and service workshops and factories.
  • Aviation: Airports planning and design of related buildings and facilities.

            1.2 MEP

Having put the building up, getting the building to work well depends on the quality        of the mechanical, electrical, fire fighting and plumbing services Installed.

We provide MEP works for commercial, residential & industrial buildings, and major        infrastructure projects. This work can involve the installation, testing and          commissioning of air conditioning systems including district cooling plants, power            and lighting, fire-fighting systems, sewage and storm water pump stations, as well as            CCTV networks and building management systems.

We have successfully executed and delivered our services in the following fields:

  • High-Rise Residential/Commercial Towers
  • Luxury Villas
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Warehouses
  • Educational Buildings
  • Health Care Centers
  • Shopping Centers
  • Showrooms
  • Parking Facilities
  • Government Offices/Buildings
  • Residential/Commercial/Infrastructure/Hotel Maintenance or Renovation