Corporate Real Estate Mangement

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Outlines brief concepts of corporate real estate management. Shows that this is oriented towards major clients of building services. Concludes that the intelligence technology needed for this is already available in most organizations and all areas, from research to corporate management teams up to senior executives, must have support to carry out the required work in this area.

What we do

We started our property management services to enhance and protect our own properties. Realizing our own success and knowing others could benefit from it, we expanded this service to include our clients and we now manage over 80 properties. No matter the property, our maintenance team provides an excellent level of service for both us and our clients.

How we do it

Our principals have handled real estate from every side. We know and appreciate the role of landlord leasing representative, tenant leasing representative, landlord broker, buyer broker, property manager, tenant, potential buyer, and property owner because we’ve been all of these at one point or another. Our experience gives us an advantage when acting on our client’s behalf.

Why we do it

We are all about realizing potential in unexpected places – specific locations,